Who Supplies My Electricity

We usually see "Who Supplies My Electricity" being asked when someone has just moved home, or is just about to. If that's the case, then you are in an ideal position! It doesn't really matter who currently provides electricity to the house as you can organise a change straight away.

We are an independent broker for energy, telephones, broadband, and can even save you money on your shopping! To find out how, simply send us a quick message on the contact form. We'll even save you money by phoning you back!!

If you are renting a property, then...

Tenants are generally responsible for the utility bills and a problem that new tenants often have is finding out who supplies their gas and electric. First check with your letting agent or Landlord to see if they have the details on file although the previous tenants may have changed suppliers without letting anyone know. Don't be worried about asking either. Lettings agents often comment that they are asked who the electricity supplier is regularly by new tenants moving in, so they'll be ready with the right information for you.

If the previous tenant has informed the utility companies that they have left, then this should automatically generate a letter to the property addressed to "The New Occupier". This will confirm details of who the current supplier is and ask you to provide your details for the new account.

If after you have been at the property for a couple of weeks you still haven't received anything through the post, you should try and find out who your supplier is by other means.

The 'M Number Enquiry Line' (formerly Transco) provides Gas consumers with a dedicated telephone number to establish who is the current registered gas supplier at their premises. The M Number Enquiry Line number is 0870 608 1524.

Who Supplies My Electricity

You can find out who your electricity supplier is by contacting your local electricity distribution company. You should ask for their Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS). If you are not sure who the company is, contact Energywatch

The most important thing to remember is to take the meter readings as soon as you move in. If you have a camera handy use this to confirm your reading in case there is any dispute later. If it is in a locked box you will need to pop down to the local plumber's merchants to buy a key; they are a standard fit.

Do I Have To Stay With These Suppliers?

No you don't. When you move in, your energy supply will be under a "deemed contract" which means the energy companies that supplied the previous occupants' gas and electricity will automatically supply yours.

However, they may not be the best suppliers for your circumstances and you are free to switch to other suppliers if you wish. When you move into a new home you should make it a priority to compare energy tariffs to ensure you get the best deal.

How Do I Switch?

Switching energy suppliers is easy. First you need to find the best tariff for you, which you can do using our energy calculator. Simply send your contact details through to us using the contact form and we'll call you back. When you send a copy of your most recent bill, or give us information about your expected usage, we will work out which will be the best tariff for you to be on from our panel of energy providers.

Is Switching Easy?

If you are looking to switch, the first thing a lot of customers do is compare each energy supplier in their area and find out which one offers the most suitable and affordable tariff for their postcode and energy usage.

Remember energy prices vary depending on where you live and how much energy you use. This can be quite a daunting and tedious task.

The best way to save all of the heartache and to cvut to the chase is to use our service. Some of our providers have set guarantees in place where they have GUARANTEES to be cheaper than their competition. Once you send us details of your most current bill or expected usage we can suggest which company to move to and we will initiate the transfer for you. All of this and we don't charge you a fee!!

Once you have chosen a new deal and provided a few personal details, your new energy supplier will contact your old provider on your behalf and notify you of the date when your switch will take place.

Who Supplies My Electricity?

Check out our handy hints and tips below...

Quick Facts

  • There are over 18 energy companies supplying the UK.
  • There are some electricity-only companies, but most offer both electricity and gas
  • Electricity is metered and you pay only for the units you use.
  • Electricity rates differ across the different providers
  • You can switch your electricity supplier at any time if you wish and lots of competition means switching could mean savings for you.

The Pros and Cons of Pre-Payment Meters

Pre-payment meters are a great way to budget. They're also very reliable.

A pre-payment meter has several advantages:

  • Its a handy way to budget for gas and electricity - no worries about bills arriving later.
  • It offers you an emergency credit facility if you are unable to buy credit straight away.
  • It allows you to stay on supply while repaying any money owed.

Pre-payment meters have some possible disadvantages too; but these needn't be a problem if you check your meter regularly, and plan in advance.

  • You need to make sure you can easily visit a charging point or token outlet whenever you need to buy credit for your electricity or gas meter, otherwise you may go off supply.
  • You'll need to make sure you have enough credit on your meter if you go away from home. Even when you're not there, your meter will still be charging for any appliances you normally leave on, such as fridges and freezers, or your hot water.
  • Remember too that you'll usually have to buy more credit for your gas meter during the winter months, when you use more energy.

What About Business Electricity

UK Businesses should compare the market for the best electricity prices by supplier at least once a year to find the cheapest electricity supplier. Not only to get cheaper electricity but also to avoid getting tied to business energy contracts with high prices. Getting the best business electricity prices per kWh requires a comparison of all the suppliers and contracts.

We compared UK businesses and found companies were being charged up to three times the rate per unit of others by their business energy supplier. Switching gas and electricity supplier to cheaper electricity and gas rates and getting the cheapest prices is one of the best ways to reduce costs.